Vaughan displays his pottery at a variety of top galleries around New Zealand. 



Interested in displaying one of Vaughan's ceramics collections at your gallery? Get in touch via our contact page. 


The Lawnmowers Son (Hahei)

Experience The Lawnmower’s Son Art Space & Accommodation nestled within the historic homestead (circa 1860) in the heart of Hahei. Enveloped by the shade of one of New Zealand's oldest Morton Bay Fig Trees, our art space proudly presents works from some of the country's most esteemed artists. 

Waikato Museum Gift Shop (Hamilton)

Our galleries feature touring shows as well as exhibitions developed in-house by our curators.  Enrich your visit by coming along for one of our public events, from live music in the galleries to in-depth koorero. 

Around the World for You (Hamilton)

Arts, Crafts and more! Helping a country, by helping a village, by helping a family. 


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