VN Ceramics is a boutique pottery studio, based in Hamilton NZ.

We produce a range of functional & sculptural pottery.




Waka Bowls

Serving Dishes


Sushi Dishes

Bowls, Plates & Dinner Sets



The Raw Clay

The raw clay is all hand shaped, either on a pottery wheel or by rolling and shaping by hand. For some pieces, like the Doves, a mold is used to create a symmetric shape that can be joined in two halves – a bit like making an Easter egg. 

Bisk Firing & Glazing

The wet clay pieces are bisk fired to dry them out completely. The clay that remains is porous and perfect for applying glaze to. Glaze is what gives stoneware pottery it’s glossy finish and colour. The glaze is applied like paint to the dry ceramic. 

The Final Kiln Firing

The glazed pieces are fired again, this time at a much higher temperature. Glaze firings will reach temperatures of between 1180 and 1350 degrees Celcius depending on the clay and glaze used. At these temperatures, the clay and glaze both change chemical composition and vitrify (transform into glass). This results in the finished pieces being impermeable to water and tough enough to withstand daily use.